2008 Pro Race License Form



NOTE: Please be sure to use your TAB button to move forward, not your Enter key.  When completed, just print and mail.

1. Complete the Following:
First Name   Last Name
City State   Zip Country
E-mail Phone w/Area Code
Age Bike Model & Size MySpace.com/

T-Shirt Size Women's Cut: S M L   Men's Cut: M L

SSA #:  (tax purposes - Pro purse)   AMA #  
2. Read and sign 2008 WMA Pro Racing Agreement (click to view & print)
3. Update Profile on WMA Website:

WMA Pros are required to supply bio information and a photo to be posted on the WMA Site. (http://www.wmaracing.com/pro_bios_list.html). Please be sure your profile is posted and that your information is current and accurate. Email changes or your profile (if it is the first time) and a jpeg file of your headshot to miki@bendbroadband.com. Must be received by April 1st.

4. Send Passport Photo for WMA Pro License:

WMA Pros are required to send a Passport of themselves and their mechanic with the 2008 Pro License Form to receive their WMA Pro License. A Passport photo (this is a specific type of photo) can be purchased at any one-hour photo lab, Wal-Mart, Kinko’s, Mail Box etc. and so on, check your Yellow Pages under Passport Photo for a place near you. DO NOT EMAIL A PHOTO or SEND A SNAPSHOT. It must be a Passport Photo. Photos must be received by April 15th.

5. Fee:
WMA Pro Race License

(Must be pre-approved)

$ 100.00

Out of the U.S. Shipping Charges: Add this shipping charge for Canada    

$    5.00

Race Licenses will be shipped within 2 weeks from receipt of Passport Photos

Add this shipping charge for Overseas  

$  20.00

Cash  Check  Money Order----------TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED  

5. Send Form, Racing Agreement & Passport Photo and Payment to:
22975 Nelson Rd.
Bend, OR 97701
7. Read 2008 WMA Pro Rulebook:


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