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What's New with Ashley Fiolek

Young WMA Pro Ashley Fiolek has been a busy gal in the off-season. We checked in with her to find out what she has been up to.

WMA: Ashley, you have had a lot of projects come out lately - the Honda commercial, the new Transworld video WHY which has some footage from Steel City National, and your monthly article in Transworld. Could you tell us a little bit about each of these (and any others I may not know of)? Also what kind of subjects can we look forward to reading about in your article?

Ashley: Yes, my family and I have been working on a lot of different things and they have all been really fun to do! I shot two different commercials (for Honda) over the summer and those were both something very different to do, we had to be at the set really early in the morning and each person's was shot differently so you didn't get to see what everyone was doing. They even plucked my eyebrows ouch!! It was kind of funny because they didn't want me to jump or anything on the bike because they said they would need a "stunt" person for that! Ha, ha. (Note: the Honda commercial is running during the Supercross broadcasts).

The "WHY" video was a blast to film, because I got to hang out in Cali to ride for some of the video. It was also a great honor because I am the only girl athlete on the video and it feels really good to be included with all
of the others that are on the video. It is also the first video/dvd that I have been on so it is pretty special to me.
Also, I have done about three columns now for Transworld's magazine; it is a lot different than writing columns for their website. The internet things were more lighter and just about what was going on in amateur racing and in my life but now the column's are more serious. It is still a ton of fun and this is something I may want to continue to do even after I have finished racing so it gives me a lot of experience! The subjects kind of vary just
about what the women racers are doing or getting a girls/women's opinion on different mx issues! Sometimes I don't even know until the last minute what I am going to be writing on (ha, ha, ha).

WMA: What has the feedback on the first article been like?

Ashley: I got a lot of positive feed back on my first column, people sent me emails and texts to my sidekick saying how much they really enjoyed it, I even got some "handwritten" letter's that were send to the Donn Maeda at Transworld and he forwarded them on to me. It was very encouraging to me and made me feel pretty good!

WMA: You have two WMA pro races under your belt now (both mud races) what do you think of the  competition, the depth of talent and the potential of the pro class so far?

Ashley: The competition is great; it is so exciting to be racing all of the top women now. It was a ton of fun to do the (AMA/WMA Drill Tech Cup) Cycle Ranch race and race against women from all over the world. It is amazing to see how strong the women are becoming throughout all of motocross. It definitely motivates me more and helps me to work harder to race against all of the women. The pro class is looking very good for 2008! The mud races have been fun; it would be nice to have some dry races (ha, ha) but it is all just part of racing that we all have to go through! At the Cycle Ranch I think most of us all had our goggles off and were sorry at the end of the racing because our eye's hurt so bad!!

WMA: Originally your plan was to retire your 2 stroke after the WMA Cup, is that still the case and how are you feeling on the CRF 250?

Ashley: I am still riding on my 125's right now because my 250¹s have not come in yet. I have ridden a few times on them out in California but I don't have any of my own. When they get here I will start to practice on them and then hopefully I will be doing my first race in 2008 on a 250F. If I get lazy my dad might make me move back to a 125 (ha, ha) so I can work hard again!
WMA: How are you staying in shape during the off-season?

Ashley: I take off a few weeks after my last race of the year; I don't do anything but sleep in and eat some junk food! Then after that I start back up on training but I keep it lighter then in racing season. I eat the right foods again and just try to keep in shape so I don't get lazy! I was just up in Michigan for the holidays and me and my friend Jessica went snowboarding so that helps to stay in shape too.

WMA: When does the season officially begin for you?

Ashley: The season begins in the New Year. This is when I get my bikes, start back to regular training and get ready for the first pro races which will be in March in Texas for the AMA/Pro women's racing.

WMA: What else do you have coming up in the next few months?

Ashley: I will be headed out to California soon to do some testing with DRD when my new 250's show up just to make sure everything is set up right. I will also do some training/riding out there to start getting ready for the WMA/AMA and FIM races! I am really looking forward to all of this and I am already pretty bored with just sitting around not riding! Ha, ha.

WMA: Ok, last question, who are your sponsors for 2008?

Ashley: American Honda, Cernics, Alpinestars, Red Bull, Oakley, Pirellitires, Leatt, Factory Connection, DRD, Arai, Wiseco, Braking, Kicker, and
WMA: Thanks Ashley.

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