Diamond Don Motorsports is proud to announce that on Sunday, April 6, 2008, in conjunction with the post-vintage AHRMA National, in Jefferson, Texas.  Race fans from all around the country will enjoy the "Women Pioneers of Motocross" race.  This special race is in recognition of the accomplishments of the many women that helped build the sport of professional women's motocross around the world.

Ladies, come on out and race with some of the pioneers of Women’s Motocross, such as 9-Time National Champion, Mercedes Gonzalez, early motocross icon, Sue Fish and the First US Women's Motocross Team members Dee Wood, Tami Rice and Nadine Holbert, as well as 1987 US Suzuki Women's Team rider Bonnie Warch and WMA President, Miki Keller.

For more information on this event, please contact Tami Rice at Tami@DiamondDon.com or
by calling 866-398-2038 Ext. 708.

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