Tania Satchwell Represents Women's MX at the Billie's
Women's Sports Foundation Event

Tania was one of the 40 world's most phenomenal female athletes in the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
L to R: Cory Coffey (BMXer), Kristin Ulmer (Skiier), Sarah Burke (Skiier), T (MOTO), Grete Eliassen (Skiier), Lyn-z Hawkins Adams (Skateboarder), Aimee Mullins (Runner, WSF President) Mary Osborne (Surfer), and Beth Heiden-Reid (Speed Skater)

Once again Tania Satchwell, former WMA Pro champion, represented women's motocross at the 2008 Women's Sports Foundation's Billie Awards.
From Press Release: Thirty five years ago this year, Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs at the Houston Astrodome in the notorious “Battle of the Sexes.” Families, teammates and friends gathered around televisions in record numbers to watch history in the making. With an audience of 50 million, the tennis match is still the most-watched in history. The widespread media coverage had a profound cultural impact, as it allowed people across the world to see what was literally thought impossible – a woman defeating a man.

Tania waves to the audience during the Athlete march.

On the anniversary of the Battle of the Sexes, there is perhaps no greater example of how media coverage shapes our perceptions. The Billie Awards, held on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills, Calif., recognizes the positive power the media possess. Actress Sharon Osbourne, Desperate Housewives star Doug Savant and Rapper Master P were just a few of the celebrities who joined Nancy Lieberman, Tracy Austin, Michelle Kwan and 40 of the world's most phenomenal female athletes in the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Billie Awards were presented to four members of the media who have done an extraordinary job in their portrayal of girls' and women's sports. In an age of continued struggle to see equal and positive representations of women athletes in the media, those contributions are lifeblood to evolution.

"It's great that we all come out here to celebrate this. Women athletes don't get enough publicity and recognition for what they do. Hey Babes, I'm on your side,” said Sir Elton John.

Each honoree was presented with an award crafted by Alexandra Nechita. Nechita, a 22-year-old internationally acclaimed artist, has created awards for the GRAMMYS and is known for her passionate presentations of social issues in her pieces.

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