2007 WMA Pro Rules

1. WMA Pro Race License

A. License is valid for one calendar year.

B. Passport photos of the pro racer and mechanic for WMA ID must be sent in with License form.

C. Rider Agreement must be signed and returned with the WMA with License form.

D. Forms are available on the WMA website on the JOIN button.

E. All new Licenses must be approved.

F. All WMA racers are also required to have a valid AMA membership.

2. Age Qualification

A.  Riders must meet class-specified age requirements as of race day.

B. 15 years old. Starting Jan. 2008- age requirement will be 16 years old.

3. Expiration of Pro License

A. WMA Pro Racer may have to re-qualify for their Pro License if they haven't raced Pro in two seasons.

4. WMA Pro Sport and Pro Expert License Reclassification (for the Pro Class)

A.      WMA Pro Sport License

1. Is granted to all racers that meet Qualifications

2. WMA Pro Sport licensed riders are eligible to compete in the amateur division of non-WMA motocross events in the men’s “B” or “Open” class.

B.      WMA Pro Expert License

1. Is granted to racers with the following:

a.       Top 10 overall in the WMA Championship series standings

b.       Earned 100 Championship points in the WMA Pro Class

c.       Top 5 finish at the WMA Cup (Pro Class)

2. WMA Pro Expert riders must compete in “A” or “Open” class in non-WMA motocross events.

5. WMA Pro Race Registration

            A. There is no race day entry for WMA Pro Racing.

            B. Cut off Date is two weeks prior to race day.

            C. Pre-entry is 30 days prior to race day and entry fee is discounted.

6. Number and Background Requirements

            A. Numbers

1. All WMA Pro Racers are required to run their earned or assigned number. See WMA National number page on the WMA website.

2. Request to run a different number other than earned/assigned must be

            submitted in writing by Nov. 15th of each year for the following year.

                        3. Numbers must be white.

                        4. Numbers must be 7” minimum Pros.

B. Lifetime Numbers:
            1. Top 10 championship finishers may choose a permanent number. 

Single digit lifetime numbers will be reserved for podium finishers that are also Top 10 championship finishers. Number must be determined by November 15th of each year.

2. In order to keep a lifetime number, the rider must earn at least one point each year in either the WMA National Championship or WMA Cup.

C.  Background Requirements:

1. Pros are required to run blue backgrounds.

D. WMA Front Number Plate Sticker:

1. WMA Pros are required to run a WMA logo on their front number plate during all WMA pro races. The WMA sticker will need to be displayed centered, no lower than 1” from the top of the front number plate. A WMA Sticker will be supplied during Tech Inspection.

7. Engine Displacement

A. Lites Class
    125cc 2-stroke
     250cc 4-stroke

B. Displacement limits are absolute. Any over bores are subject to immediate disqualification.

8. Sound Limit

A. All bikes are subject to the AMA 99db sound limit.


9. Track Rules

A.      Rider is expected to read and abide by individual track rules. Rules can be found on the track websites.


10. Race Schedule

A.   Race schedule for each race will be posted on the Race Information of the WMA site no less

    than one week prior to the race.  Riders are responsible for reading the race schedule.

    Race schedule will also be communicated at the Rider’s meeting.

11. Check In

A.  All WMA Pro racers must check-in at the WMA tent at the preset Tech Inspection time (s).

     See individual race information. At WASHOUGAL, WMA Pro Racers MUST CHECK-IN with

     WASHOUGAL at published check-in times before Practice.

12. Tech Inspection Information

A. Tech Inspection is Mandatory.

B. Rider and Parent/Guardian (for minor’s only) must be present to sign Release.   

C. Rider or her Mechanic must bring bike, jersey or chest protector, and helmet to Tech Inspection.

D. Rider's name and number must be clearly pre printed on her Jersey or Chest Protector.

13. WMA Pro Riders/Mechanic Meetings

A.      WMA Riders’ Meetings are mandatory for WMA Pros.  A representative may be in attendance in place of the rider and is responsible to notify WMA of their attendance.

14. Entering and Leaving the Pits

A. A rider entering or leaving the pits must ride in the designated entrance and exit lanes and failure to do so may result in disqualification.

15. WMA Pro Practice

A.      WMA arranges practice time(s) for WMA Pros. WMA Pros are not allowed to run in WMA Amateur practice unless specified in the race schedule. WMA Pros are not allowed to ride in other practices unless they are racing in that class, that day.

B.      Cutting the track during practice is only allowed when the rider can re-enter safely and as close as possible to where the rider exited (ex: no cutting across the infield).

16.  Staging/Gate Pick

A.  The top 10 racers are seeded for the first moto of the season. 11th pick and up will have a random draw for gate pick for the first moto of the race series.

B. Gate pick will take place at Tech Inspection. 

C. Second moto gate pick will be based on first moto results.

D. All other races will give gate pick to the top 10 in point standings and a random draw will be done for 11th and up for the first moto.

E.  Rider or rider representative should show up at the starting gate 8 -10 minutes prior to moto start, unless governed by track rules; rider’s discretion must be used.

17. Starting Blocks

A.      Starting Blocks are permitted. Mechanics are responsible for removing the blocks immediately after the start.

18. Pro Mechanics

            A. One Mechanic per rider is allowed in the staging area.

B. WMA Pro Mechanics must wear a team shirt with a collar in the Mechanics area.

C. WMA Pro Mechanics will be required to wear WMA photo ID in Mechanics area

D. Riders are responsible for the conduct of their mechanics.

E. Mechanics must stay in the designated signaling area of the track.

19. Sight Lap

A.      A Sight Lap may be given but is not guaranteed.

B.      All riders must complete the sight lap in 5 minutes.

C.      If a rider does not return from sight lap w/in a reasonable time with the group, they will be given a two minute hold only. The rider’s mechanic must notify starter.

20. Outside Assistance

A. No outside assistance is allowed during the race with the exception of the mechanic in the designated Mechanic’s area.

21. Flags (AMA Rules)

A.      Green – Start of race.

B.      White – one lap to go until finish.

C.      Yellow (Caution) – when a yellow flag is displayed, competitors must ride cautiously until they have passed the incident that caused the flag. No passing or jumping between the flag and the incident that caused the yellow flag. Failure to do so may result in the rider being docked from one finishing position up to disqualification from the event, subject to the referee’s discretion.

D.      Black - Disqualification of a rider; Rider must report to the referee at once.

E.      White with Red Cross - indicates that ambulances, safety vehicles, or emergency personnel are on the course. EXERCISE CAUTION. In motocross, arenacross etc, should this flag be displayed riders will slow down, maintain position with no passing or jumping until past the incident.

F.      Black and White Checkered - end of race.


G.     Red- Stopping of the race for an emergency situation, if 60% of the laps are completed, the race is called on that final lap. However, if less 60% of laps are completed the race will be restarted.

22. Restart

A. An event stopped by the referee before 60% of the race is complete will be restarted from the beginning.

23. Championship Points/Scoring

A.  Points are paid per moto.

1st      25
2nd     22
3rd     20
4th     18
5th     16
6th     15
7th     14
8th     13
9th     12
10th   11
11th   10
12th   9
13th   8
14th   7
15th   6
16th   5
17th   4
18th   3
19th   2
20th   1

B.  Championship Points are paid per moto for the AMA/WMA Women’s National Motocross only.

C. Overall placement is determined by highest number of total points (similar to AMA Pro Racing).

D. In the event of a tie, the second moto determines overall placing.

E. There are no DNF’s.

F. Points standings are posted on the WMA Website within two weeks of the race. 

G. Race is scored by the last lap completed.

H.  Protests concerning championship point standings must be made within 30 days of the race and prior to the last race of the season. Protests can only be filed for error in the posting of the points.

24. Championship Ties

A. Championship ties will be broken according to best finish in the last moto of the series. If all parties in the tie did not race the last moto of the series the tie will be settled by whichever rider has the best overall finish of the series.

25. Scoring Protests

A. As stated in the AMA rulebook, scoring protests must be made within 30 minutes of the score posting. All protests must be in writing by the rider.

26. One Moto

A.     At the sole discretion of the referee a class may be scored from one moto only.

B.      In the case of a one moto format, full pro purse will be paid for the one moto (essentially double)

C.     Championship points will only be awarded for the one moto.

27. WMA Pro Trophy Presentation

A.  WMA Pro trophy presentation will take place on Saturday at the conclusion of the second WMA moto.

B.  WMA Pro riders are expected to dress appropriately - collared shirt, mechanic’s shirt, team shirt, or jersey required.

C.  Holeshot winners are required to come to Trophy Presentation for a photo.

28. Holeshot Awards

A. Holeshot awards will be awarded for each moto. The holeshot line will be announced at the Rider’s Meeting. WMA makes the final determination of the Holeshot winner.

B. Holeshot awards are $ 100.00 per moto.

C. Holeshot award money is paid directly from sponsor.

29. Pro Purse

A. Pro Purse is paid per moto. Checks will be available at the WMA tent two hours following the second moto and during autograph signing on Sunday.

30. Contingency

A. WMA arranges contingency with motorcycle manufacturers and motocross product suppliers. Full details are published on the WMA Web site. The WMA sends race results within one week of the race. It is the racer’s responsibility to make claim with any Motorcycle Company.

31. Autograph Signings

A. Rider is responsible for bringing a pen to autograph signing.

B. Rider is responsible for removing all their belongings, including trash, from autograph signing      area upon leaving.

C. Rider must wear jersey or team shirt and WMA hanging Photo ID/Credential to autograph signing.

D. Rider must show up to autograph signing 5 minutes prior to scheduled time.

A. General Information

1.  Through the establishment and enforcement of various rules and procedures, AMA strives to regulate motorcycle competition in the fairest possible manner. By participating in an AMA meet, each participant agrees to abide by the AMA’s rules and procedures. In addition, riders are deemed responsible for the actions of their families and crew members. All parties involved in AMA competition are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, respecting at all times the rights of others. Participation in AMA-sanctioned activities is a privilege, and all participants understand that violation of AMA rules and procedures can lead to forfeiture of their competition privileges.


2. Through its protest and appeal procedures, the AMA provides a system of administrative review in the event of disputes which are eligible for such review. The goal of the AMA’s protest and appeal procedures is to assure fair and consistent enforcement of rules and objective review of protests and appeals lodged by or against participants.


3. Any current AMA member who has been denied the right to participate in an AMA sanctioned meet may request reconsideration via the AMA national office using the AMA appeal process.


4. Any participant who is fined under these rules will be deemed suspended from all AMA-sanctioned activities until the fine is paid. The fined party is entitled to a receipt upon payment. Fines and other disciplinary actions levied by meet officials or by AMA must be explained to the participant and noted in the referee report.


5. Any participant under suspension, or otherwise disciplined under these rules of competition, may be placed on probation or reinstated by the AMA.


6. Only professional video from an accredited journalist/ videographer will be allowed as evidence in Protests and Appeal Hearings.


B. General Offenses and Penalties

1. This section outlines actions which are deemed to be detrimental to the sport of motorcycle competition and which may result in a range of disciplinary actions.


2. Unless otherwise specifically provided for in these rules, the referee may disqualify any rider, crew member or family member from a race meet for violation of these rules, insubordination or other actions deemed in the sole discretion of the referee to be detrimental to the race meet and the sport. Such disqualification includes the loss of any rights with regard to the event in question and may result in expulsion from the meet site. In addition, the referee is empowered to levy fines of up to $50 and to recommend to the AMA that further disciplinary actions be taken. The referee may also disallow use of a motorcycle determined by the referee to be illegal under these rules.


3. Unless otherwise specifically provided for in these rules, AMA is empowered to suspend any rider, crew member or family member for a period of from 15 days to indefinite suspension for violation of these rules, insubordination, or other actions deemed, in the sole discretion of the AMA, to be detrimental to the sport. The beginning and ending dates of any such suspension will be determined by the AMA. The minimum suspension for a second offense of a similar nature shall be six months. In addition, the AMA is empowered to levy fines of up to $100.


4. Any supplemental rules, regulations, instructions or procedures established by the AMA for the purpose of implementing, interpreting or enforcing these rules will be deemed to be part of the rules.


5. The following offenses are subject to disciplinary action by the referee and/or AMA. This list is provided as guidance to competitors but does not restrict the AMA from invoking penalties for other actions detrimental to the sport which are not specifically contemplated herein.


                        a. In any way attempting to gain an unfair advantage.


b. Falsifying one’s name, age or ability level, practicing without officially signing up, or competing or attempting to compete under false pretenses. The penalty for riding in a lower classification than entitled (i.e. an “A” class rider competing in the “B” class) shall be subject to a fine and a suspension of up to one year.


c. Entering and competing on a machine in a class that the machine was not of the same basic design and materials of the approved model for the class entered. For example: a 250cc entered in the 251cc-Open class in motocross, the rider will be disqualified from the event and may be suspended for up to one year.


                        d. Failing to attend mandatory riders’ meetings.


                        e. Riding in such a manner as to endanger the life or limb of others.


f. Failing to immediately respond to a black flag or other signals from officials.


g. After leaving the track during a competition, failing to re-enter at a point as close as practical to the point at which the rider left the track; and in so doing gaining an unfair advantage.


h. Receiving any form of prohibited outside assistance, including, but not limited to, receiving radio transmissions while in competition.


i. Causing a race to be stopped. At the referee’s discretion, a rider judged to have caused a red flag may be excluded from restarting the event.


j. Abetting or knowingly engaging in a race in which the result is “fixed” or prearranged.


k. Giving, offering or promising, directly or indirectly, any bribe in any form to any person in an attempt to circumvent AMA rules or procedures or to otherwise gain an unfair advantage.


l. Accepting or offering to accept any bribe in any form from any person in an attempt to circumvent AMA rules or procedures or to otherwise gain an unfair advantage.


                        m. Wagering on the outcome of any AMA-sanctioned competition.


n. Knowingly entering or starting competition with a motorcycle that has been disqualified or is ineligible for the class entered; or competing on any machine other than the one on which the rider qualified.


o. Changing the specifications of a motorcycle that has already been competition and/or inspected.


p. Refusing to submit a machine or component (including fuel) for inspection, measurement or testing. Such refusal will result in the forfeiture of all points, prizes and rights at the race meet in question, plus a fine and one-year suspension.


                        q. Failing to comply with various AMA “claiming rules.”


r. Refusing to provide a factual statement regarding an item under appeal when requested by the AMA or a party to the appeal; or interfering in any way with the AMA’s protest and appeal procedures in order to hinder the process or influence the outcome.


s. Attacking an AMA or meet official or engaging in a fight. This includes any person and any incident anywhere on the premises prior to, during, or after an AMA sanctioned meet. The penalty for such violations shall be a fine of up to $100 and an indefinite suspension pending review by the AMA.


t. Engaging in any unfair practice, misbehavior or action deemed by the referee or AMA to be detrimental to the sport.


                        u. Conspiring with others to violate any of these rules.



1. This section deals with violations of equipment regulations. Regardless of a motorcycle passing prior inspections, compliance with all applicable equipment rules must be made at all inspections.


2. Any motorcycle found to be in violation of equipment rules may be assumed to have been in violation for the entire race meet. In permitting a motorcycle to practice and/or compete, race officials, do not warrant that motorcycle’s adherence with AMA rules. Riders are responsible for any violation of equipment rules involving their motorcycle.


3. Under the direction of the meet referee, motorcycles or components may be impounded following an event to allow for detailed or independent inspection and testing directed by the AMA.


4. Penalties

            a. On the day of an event, and at the discretion of the meet referee, any or

            all of the following penalties may be administered:

1.       Disqualification

2.       Total or Partial loss of points and awards/money from the meet

3.       Fine up to $ 50.00

4.       Recommendation of further action by the AMA

           b. Based on review of an event and/or recommendations of the referee, the

           following penalties may be administered by the AMA:

1.       Disqualification

2.       Fine of up to $ 100.00

3.       Probation

4.       Suspension



1. There are three types of protests:

a. Visual protests relate to motorcycles and components where compliance or noncompliance can be confirmed.

            b. Technical protests relate to motorcycles and components where some type       

            of measuring device or teardown procedure is needed to confirm compliance

            or noncompliance with the rules.

            c. All other protests will be defined as administrative.

2. Unless specifically excluded herein, riders may lodge protest on any matter regarding an event in which they were a participant. Such matters may include, but are not limited to, the conformity of a machine or the eligibility of a rider.

3. Each protest must be made separately and in writing, singed by the protesting rider. Each protest must specify the violation of AMA rules or procedures which is alleged, and must be accompanied by the appropriate filing fee.

            a. For each protest, $ 25.00 per item or component protested.

            b. In addition to the protest fee(s), the following teardown fees will apply for            

            a technical protest requiring measurement or teardown of an engine.

                        1. Air-cooled, two-stroke singles: $ 50.00

                        2. Liquid-cooled, two-stroke singles: $ 75.00

                        3. Four-stroke engines and all other two-strokes: $ 100.00

4. An additional $ 50 is required for measurement of any engine that must be removed from the frame for inspection.

c. For a technical protest requiring the collection and test of a fuel sample, a  $ 25 protest fee plus a deposit of $ 50 must be paid.

4. The referee (or his designee) must accept any protest that is properly made within the specified time limit and accompanied by the appropriate fee. The referee may not accept any protest that is not properly filed and accompanied by the required fee.

5. All protests must be filed within 30 minutes of the posting of results of the event in question.

6. Final determination of the timeliness of a protest will rest with the meet referee and such decision will be final to all concerned.

7. The referee will render decisions on all protests as soon as possible. If it is not possible to render an immediate decision, the referee may allow a protested rider or machine to compete “under protest”. In such cases, payment of all affected points and awards will be withheld pending a decision on the protest.

8. When a protest involves piston displacement or any other internal engine modification, the referee must call for an engine measurement or inspection after the meet. The protesting party must be present during the inspection, is entitled to witness the teardown, and must be informed of all measurements.

9. The referee is empowered to levy appropriate penalties shown herein as the result of a protest and subsequent investigation.

10. Once made, a protest cannot be withdrawn without the permission of the referee.

11. Any legitimate expense to which the referee may be put as the result of a protest must be paid by the protesting party, and the referee any require a deposit from the protesting party sufficient to cover such expenses. If the protest is upheld, however, such costs must be reimbursed by the protested party.

12. If a protest is decided in favor of the protesting party, the referee will refund the protest fee and teardown fee, if any, and forward a report in writing to the AMA.

13. If a protest is decided in favor of the protested party:

a. In a protest not involving teardown fees, the referee will forward the protest fee to the AMA along with a written report.

b. In a protest involving teardown fees, the referee will forward the protest fee to the AMA along with a written report and the protested party will be entitled to the teardown fees.

14. The referee may call for the inspection of any machine or component, including fuel, at any time.

15. When a protest involves fuel, the losing party must pay all laboratory costs for fuel analysis. If the protest is upheld, the protester is refunded all fees and the protested party must reimburse the AMA for all laboratory costs.

16. Protests lodged at any event, where AMA District or AMA points are paid, and not resolved at the event, shall be submitted to AMA within 72 hours of said event. In addition, Referee shall call and mail denial of protest to the protestor and submit protest funds along with copy of the original protest to AMA in the same time period.


E. APPEALS – see AMA Rulebook page 72


33. WMA Penalties

A. WMA may assess penalties for violation of WMA Rules including but not limited to:

            a. Failure to make/attend:

1. Check In

2. Rider’s Meeting

3. Tech Inspection

            b. Penalty assessment

                        1. Up to $ 50.00 fine

                        2. Last Gate Pick

                        3. Docking a Lap

                        4. Disqualification


** A Complete AMA Sports Rulebook can be found at **
** A Copy of the AMA Sports Rulebook is available for review at the races at the WMA tent**

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